Susan Hamlin ~ Saratoga Animal Whisperer

Susan Hamlin Animal Commmunicator - image - photo credit Sabina Louise Pierce


Saratoga animal communicator Susan Hamlin is based in the heart of New York's horse country. Susan consults with clients and students across North America and abroad.

Holistic animal communication, intuitive consults for people and business, mind-body solutions, clinics, Reiki and energy medicine, flower essences for animals.

News ~ Upcoming Events

April 12-13, 2014
Saratoga Horse Symposium
Cornell Cooperative Extension
4H Training Center, Middle Line Rd. Ballston Spa, NY

May 4, 2014 - Saratoga Animal Communication Clinic
One day experiential workshop

May 17-18, 2014 Reiki in Saratoga

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Saratoga Animal Communicator

Bringing to light the inner life of animals, Susan serves as translator and guide, helping people and animals connect from the heart and soul.

In the loving energy that connects all life, we can discover practical, holistic approaches to a range of issues from performance to adoption, to the end of this life & into the next.

“This is the next natural step for people who want to be in tune with the animals they care about. By deeply honoring the spirit of animals and the natural world, we honor our own spirit, too.”

What is animal communication?


Telepathic Interspecies Communication - with your animal in her native language!

All animals - including humans - are born with the wiring to communicate without spoken words.

Susan works from a place of integrity, honoring and respecting the unique spirit of her animal and human clients.

Animal communication can help ...

A consultation can help deepen your connection with the animals in your life and reassure you that all is well. It can bring lasting change, and open your soul more deeply to the web of life. Please visit our Consultation page for more information.

Behavior, training, adoption, moving, stabling, trailering, performance, retirement, holistic health, end of life and beyond ... all stages of an animals life are supported.

This site is dedicated to the honor of all creatures great and small ... and the people who love them. Thanks for visiting!