Susan Hamlin ~ Saratoga Animal Whisperer

Susan Hamlin Animal Commmunicator - image - photo credit Sabina Louise Pierce
Holistic wisdom
for Animals..
and the People
who love them

Saratoga Springs animal communicator Susan Hamlin is passionate about animals and natural, jholistic integrative approaches for behavior and health.

Combining intuition with practical advice, Susan works with all animal species .. elite competitors & beloved rescue pets alike.

Providing integrative, intuitive solutions based consultations via phone & Skype (international)
On-site consultations and Reiki sessions - (Saratoga Springs NY area only)
Reiki classes and remote healing.
Classes and private mentoring, all levels.
Intuitive consults for personal, business, legal and career.


Due to COVID-19, we are not scheduling in-person classes at this time. Stay tuned for Zoom events!

About interspecies animal communication


All animals - including humans - are born with the wiring to communicate using ways that go beyond spoken language.

This communication has no distance limit. It works as well in the same room .. as halfway across the world.

As humans re-discover how to listen and speak using all our senses, we experience the sheer joy of feeling as one with our animal friends ... as they really are.

Holistic Animal communication helps you ...


Deepen your connection with the animals in your life.
Hear what your animal feels and thinks.
Empower you to create lasting change.

Improve behavior, training and performance.
Discover root causes, and solutions.
Reduce stress, anxiety and past trauma.
Introduce new animals into the group.

Create a leading-edge holistic circle of care - behavior and health.
Support veterinary care, transport, competition.
Connect with animals who have passed on.

Please visit our Consultation page for more information.

Behavior, training, adoption, moving, stabling, trailering, performance, retirement, holistic health, end of life and beyond ... all stages of life are supported.

Diversity Policy: We honor members of all species, races, religions, spiritual traditions, genders, sexual orientation and identification.

This site is dedicated to all creatures great and small ... and the people who love them. Thanks for visiting!