Animal Communication ~ Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this work?
That's a common question! Since animals don't have spoken language, they use body language, vocalizations and telepathic communication. Like a mother's sixth sense to go check her child in the next room .. how does she know?

Neuro physiologists tell us at least 90% of human-human communication is non-verbal. We are all born with the wiring to communicate with each other without words, and can re-join the pathways when we are ready.

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How does a consultation work, by telephone? It works very well! Since we're working with energy - non-locality as in physics - we do not have to be sitting next to one another. The process - interspecies telepathic communication - is the same no matter where we are.

Do you make house calls? Only for barn calls to work with several horses at a time.

Can I bring my animals to you? We will be working telepathically so that's not necessary. Animals do best where they are comfortable, instead of traveling to a strange environment.

Do you always work with a photo? A photo is helpful but not necessary. Many people enjoy sending them. We can work with a name, age, gender and physical description, too.

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Can we work with my animal if she isn't in the room with me? Should I walk out to the barn? We can communicate with your animal wherever she is. She does not even have to be awake for this to "work." Many people enjoy being with their animals during a consultation. Some times an animal will show she is participating by lifting her paw, for example, when we are talking about her paw. That can be an exciting validation!

How can I get the most out of our consultation? That's a great question! Listening. Experiencing your animal in a new way. Letting her know you are going to do this and why. For more suggestions please visit our "Tips for getting the most out of your consultation" page.

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Is animal communication a religion? No. My work is a practice of compassion that has spiritual roots, that all life is connected by a common Source. We all benefit from the compassionate treatment of our neighbors of the land, sea and air.

Do you do energy work? I am a Reiki Master Teacher (Usui) and am avaiable for private sessions and classes in Reiki.

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What can I expect from my consultation? People report a deeper, more confident, balanced relationship with their animals. People often say they notice a difference right away and that their animals are "looking at them differently" or that issues simply "fell away." Some folks report they see their animals in a whole new light. Some feel an inner peace about difficult decisions. For animals who've passed on, we may receive information that helps resolve unfinished business and offers reassurance.

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Can you tell my animal to stop doing something? I wish it were that easy ... Animals are about as receptive to being told what to do as teen-agers! We'll listen for the underlying causes and negotiate change. For horses, behavioral problems can be pain related. Training, medical, and environmental changes may need to be part of the solution, too.

My animal passed on. Can you help? I am so sorry for your loss.

Part of my work is assisting families at this time, and helping them before hand. These sessions can be immensely healing and reassuring. Please see our Transitions page for more resources to help you and your family cope with the loss of your friend.

Can you find my missing animal? I am no longer taking lost animal cases because of time limitations. Please read our article on lost animals for resources that may help you. Slan abhaile (Irish for "safe home") for your animal friend!

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How can we prove this is "real?" That's an excellent question! For me, it's not a matter of belief, it's seeing the changes and receiving information we could not have gotten any other way. People often find validation during a session or after when they realize how the information "fits." When people take an animal communication workshop and make the connection directly, they experience validation first hand. I highly recommend it!

That's OK, but I still want to test if this is real. I want to know if the communicator I am working with is the real deal.
I'm not interested in being tested. If we let the consultation unfold naturally, animals naturally give us information that validates our connection. If we do not get a connection with your animal in the first few minutes, there will be no charge for the session. Withholding important information - such as if the animal is alive - will waste time we could be using for your animals.

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Thank you for everything you did, our appointment made such a difference! Thank you for your kind words. The truth is, you and your animal did the work. I just try to hold the door open so you can hear each other better, and turn on a few light switches along the way.

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